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EMR Selection and Implementation


A large, multi-state long-term care company was facing the undesirable task of managing multiple electronic medical records (EMR) systems, the result of expansion due to several corporate acquisitions. OptimizeHealth was engaged to help determine the plan to consolidate their three EMR systems into one and implement the solution.


OptimizeHealth first facilitated high-level evaluation and requirements sessions of the platforms, after which the leaders concluded that none of the three current systems were robust enough to meet their needs long-term. Instead, they chose to implement a new system. Supporting the new direction, OptimizeHealth led a product selection initiative to choose the right EMR system to meet the business, technology, strategic and financial needs of this rapidly-growing firm.

During the early stages of the selection process, the client recognized that gaps in their current data warehouse and analytics systems were serious enough to warrant being included in the scope of the new EMR platform strategy. Utilizing the OptimizeHealth proprietary technology product evaluation process and the client’s financial, functionality and capability criteria, we facilitated a thorough, multi-step assessment of the providers and their products, which resulted in the client collaboratively and collectively selecting leading EMR and BI and Analytics systems and providers.


Working closely with the client and vendor personnel, OptimizeHealth:

  • Supported the client throughout contracting to ensure the client received maximum value.
  • Guided the requirements phase, confirming that the client’s technology and business needs were satisfied.
  • Assisted the vendors in architecting a viable plan to deploy the system to 100+ facilities over 18 months using a rolling migration approach and served as a key stakeholder and client advocate during the effort.
  • Developed and delivered a training program to 1500+ employees that would be using the system within the first year.
  • Assisted the client in establishing a Business Intelligence and Analytics team to manage the chosen product long-term.


Following the engagement, the long-term care company:

  • Completed the build and deployment of the Enterprise Model.


  • Enabled mobile computing for the clinical staff and admissions.


  • Built the interfaces (APIs) to rehab, pharmacy and accounting systems.


  • Recognized the payback period of 1.6 years on the investment.

EMR Selection and Implementation

Long Term Care Industry


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