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A large multi-state long-term care company had underinvested in its IT department and did not have a vision for the department. OptimizeHealth was engaged to help determine the best technology and investment strategy that would transition the department from underperforming to a sustainable, valuable corporate asset.


OptimizeHealth led an effort to modernize the IT department. Initial meetings were to: review how the business intended to grow and IT’s role in the growth; define the organization’s technological needs; assess current technologies in use and determine future technologies needed to compete in the long-term care market. Finally, we assessed the team members’ skills and capabilities to lead and mature the IT department.



  • Developed a comprehensive report that defined the department’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
  • Mapped a plan to address the SWOT and target departmental capabilities that were hard business requirements.
  • Presented the findings and department direction.
  • Implemented the plan.


Following a multi-month engagement:

  • The client’s IT group, technologies and operational capabilities were transformed into a modern, fully-functioning healthcare technology department enjoying high stakeholder satisfaction and improved delivery.
  • The client’s progress investment plan was enhanced to include advanced technologies and solutions for connected health.
  • Stability and consistency in IT daily operations were achieved and consistently measured.
  • An achievable technology roadmap for current and future investments was put into place.

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