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Create an executive-level portfolio management solution for aligning project investments of a rapidly growing healthcare GPO organization to the corporate strategy. The goal was to create a system that ensured that projects the executive team funded and staffed promised the highest yield and were the most important initiatives for the firm.


We took a three-pronged approach: review and assimilate the enterprise’s strategic plan into a project investment screening and selection framework; assess the existing project management performance management processes, methods and tools; and interview business stakeholders to gather their viewpoints on prospective project evaluation criteria and methods for prioritization. The information collected was echoed back to the executive team to establish a common understanding of:

  • Current project selection and prioritization criteria that were common across the enterprise.
  • Project and portfolio management effectiveness.
  • Existing project initiation processes, tools and standards in place.
  • Gaps or inconsistencies in project investment vetting and decision-making.


OptimizeHealth constructed a project evaluation, selection and prioritization model based upon the firm’s strategic imperatives and existing protocols. We then established a centralized repository for storing all project activity: new project requests, in-flight engagements and archived projects. Finally, we enhanced existing project management tools to provide necessary project performance data and dashboard reporting for ongoing decision-making and prioritization.


  • Eliminated redundant, low-value and conflicting projects in the funnel, reducing the overall project demand by 45%, which freed resources to increase traction on high-yield efforts.
  • Reaped a bottom-line savings of over 2.5% from the project portfolio the first year and each year thereafter the OptimizeHealth model and practices were applied.

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