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Professional Services Automation Selection and Implementation


A specialty pharmacy firm providing pharmacy dispensing and patient contact services to large-scale drug manufacturers needed an automated system for efficiently and accurately capturing their Professional Services team’s revenue and managing client billable workflow in a systematized fashion. OptimizeHealth was retained to facilitate the selection of the right system and lead its implementation.


OptimizeHealth first led an information-gathering session with the executive team to identify the strategic outcomes they desired, then met with functional managers to ascertain the functional, technical, scalability, reporting and operational needs. Utilizing the OptimizeHealth proprietary technology product evaluation process and the client’s criteria, we facilitated a thorough, multi-step assessment of the providers and their products, which resulted in the client collaboratively and collectively selecting a leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) system and provider.


In addition to facilitating the choice of the product and vendor, OptimizeHealth:

  • Supported the client throughout contracting to ensure the client received maximum value.
  • Guided the requirements phase, confirming that the client’s technology and business needs were satisfied.
  • Provided the project oversight and expertise to configure and test the system.
  • Delivered a training program to train over 115 employees to use the system effectively.


Within 13 weeks the client:

  • Was managing 200+ projects with 100%-time entry compliance.
  • No longer needed spreadsheets to keep track of billable hours, reoccurring monthly maintenance fees or licensing fees, eliminating revenue loss.
  • Managed client bill rates in one place, traceable back to a contract.
  • Transitioned from a monthly close process that took multiple days to an automated process that took hours to complete.
  • Automated the management of billable hours and electronic distribution of client invoices.
  • Leveraged the mobile app-enabled time entry for the IT team, increasing user adoption.

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