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Project Portfolio Management is investing in the best projects in the best order to earn the best results. OptimizeHealth’s Portfolio Management service helps you do just that.

We help you identify, qualify and quantify your projects so that they align with your strategic goals and offer the biggest pay offs.

  • We work with you to design the project selection team and define their responsibilities.
  • We support project sponsors and champions with building justifications for proposed initiatives (business cases, cost benefit analysis, etc).
  • We guide your selection team on using easy, objective investment criteria and the proprietary OptimizeHealth Project Scorecard to screen, prioritize and rank projects.
  • We work with you to develop leading and lagging indicators that measure portfolio performance and strategic alignment so you can make informed decisions all along the way.
  • We advise you on project performance outputs and learnings which support your annual budgeting and strategic planning processes.

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Portfolio Management System

Create an executive-level portfolio management solution to align this high-growth Healthcare GPO's project investments to its enterprise strategy and increase its new customer acquisition capacity.

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Every Portfolio Management solution we have implemented is still in use today because it works. Clients generally save 2% – 5% from their project portfolio’s bottom line year after year after year.

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