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OptimizeHealth turnaround services help get your IT department back on track so it consistently delivers value.

We perform a complete assessment of your technology, finances, operations, functions and capabilities to determine alignment with business objectives and healthcare IT best practices. We use the assessment results to create a comprehensive strategic plan to get your IT department delivering value again.

Then we provide the leadership to help you implement the strategy. Our programmatic approach to implementation results in a faster turnaround of your IT department.

Once the plan is starting to produce positive change, we work with your executive team to develop a leadership strategy transition and transfer knowledge to your IT team. Our work is complete when IT is successfully meeting expectations again.

OptimizeHealth restructured a multi-billion dollar organization’s IT operations and support services to achieve a reduction in system downtime by 30+% in 9 months, saving the client over $600K annually in lost productivity.

OptimizeHealth drove client IT staffing costs down by 46%, while maintaining high user satisfaction ratings, through designing an outsourcing relationship with a proven leader to develop and support targeted business applications.

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