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Why is using a 3rd party a better option for us?

Our MSP services reduce your IT operating costs and capital expenditures while improving your efficiency. How?  First, by sharing your infrastructure, overhead and technology staff across our multiple clients, your delivery costs versus an in-house IT team go down. And, because you are using a services model, you shift from buying all your IT expenses to “renting”. This frees up capital you can divert to funding your revenue-generating goals. It also allows you to flex your IT spend as your business needs dictate. Finally, you enjoy higher efficiency and tighter IT controls because we apply proven processes, metrics, standardization and automation.


The healthcare industry is unique. How we can be sure you understand our needs?

We get you. The leadership at OptimizeHealth has decades of experience working side by side with healthcare business leaders, doctors, pharmacists, therapists and nurses delivering technology solutions to long-term care (LTC) facilities, acute care clinics, as well as pharmacy, insurance, rehabilitation and hospice sectors. We appreciate and understand the economic, regulatory and business needs you must operate within. Plus, we have a proven track record of leveraging cloud-based and traditional technologies that enable you to meet patient care and business outcomes while minimizing your cost and risk.


Can you save us money on our IT expenses?

Yes. OptimizeHealth first saves you money by eliminating wasteful spending discovered in our initial technology review. Then, we go to work on uncovering bulk discounts on equipment, hardware, network, data, and voice lines wherever possible. Finally, we continually seek out the best pricing for your cloud-based and traditional tools and technologies. Best of all, after using our MSP services for a while, staff productivity usually rises because we’ve made technology easier to use, more reliable and better supported.


Are your solutions stable?

Yes. Service quality is one of the best reasons to use our MSP service. First, you have access to a highly and broadly skilled IT staff that has experience in a number of technologies and situations. Second, our service is backed up by SLAs (service level agreement), which guarantees you a more dependable, stable and secure IT environment because we are incentivized to quickly and permanently resolve IT issues.


What if our business grows or changes in some way, will your service still be able to support us?

Of course. Using our MSP model allows you to adjust your IT support up or down to meet your business needs. No nasty layoffs. No contract cancellation fees. You decide how much IT support you need and we take care of the rest.


What if we sell off or buy additional clinics or facilities?

No problem. Our team is well versed in M&A integration and divestiture and will work closely with your buying or selling entities to ensure a smooth transition for you and your team.


I’m not sure how to start – what are the next steps?

Let’s talk! Contact OptimizeHealth today to set up a free consultation.


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