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The software marketplace is getting more crowded every day. OptimizeHealth narrows the mass of options down to your exceptional short list of technology solutions. Then we apply our objective process to focus on the best automation tools for your needs.

We have evaluated IT Service Desks and Digital Media Hubs, Application Tracking and Time Tracking. We have sorted out EMR and EHR, CMS and CRM, PPM and EPM. We understand the issues surrounding compliance such as HIPPA, HITECH, HITRUST, Bundle Payments and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Our process is about more than technology, it is about the problems technology solves for you. We ask the right questions about your goals, processes and culture. We vet vendors from multiple angles – industry studies, customer satisfaction, financial stability, product roadmap and investment strategy.

Once a vendor is selected, OptimizeHealth goes to work to advocate for you to be sure you get what you paid for. We work with your vendor to ensure that your requirements are included in their work plan and configuration. We monitor the implementation and advise as to how to overcome any obstacles that may impact your budget and delivery schedule. (As project management experts, we know what to look for and how to coach teams through bottlenecks.) And, before the project is considered complete, we make sure your team is sufficiently trained and ready for the new solution.

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EMR Selection and Implementation

Consolidate this large, rapidly-expanding, multi-state long-term care company's multiple electronic medical records (EMR) systems into a single EMR that would support this firm's current needs as well as those of its future.

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Professional Services Automation Selection and Implementation

Select and implement a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool to efficiently and accurately capture this specialty pharmacy firm's billable work and boost the organization's revenues.

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OptimizeHealth’s methodical selection and structured deployment processes resulted in the implementation of an EMR (electronic medical records) system which reduced a client’s operating costs by 41% year one.

OptimizeHealth recently oversaw an enterprise solution where we shaved 24 weeks from the vendor’s 52-week implementation schedule while still meeting all the client’s business and technical requirements.

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