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Whether you are integrating with a hospital, pharmacy, insurer, etc. interoperability results in savings to you. It reduces patient errors, drives your IT department to efficiency, and produces quality data exchanges.

OptimizeHealth has extensive experience helping healthcare companies integrate internal and external information systems. We provide the system design and integration expertise that frees staff in your IT department to work on more strategic activities that positively impact growth.

We will begin by assessing all of your systems to determine where interoperability can have the most impact. We analyze interfaces to determine their complexity. We also conduct time studies that reveal where the greatest gains can be achieved first.

The interoperability plan we develop for you helps align your IT department with your strategic goals and improves the quality of IT services.

Growing your healthcare company is easier when your IT department doesn’t have to spend time manually transferring data between internal and external systems and fixing unnecessary errors. Our Interoperability services free you to grow.

Data Center Migration

Develop and deploy an expanded data center solution for this large multi-state healthcare company to position the client to adequately support rapid growth and an impending corporate relocation.

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Harvard Business School’s Michael Porter describes the new “value equation” of health care as “health outcomes that matter to the patient divided by cost,” in which the outcomes are the total outcomes. Interoperability is the key to achieving productivity gains and desired patient outcomes.

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