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What is vitalsBI™?

vitalsBI is a comprehensive, cloud-based, easy-to-use business intelligence tool built for healthcare leaders to support confident decision making that optimizes performance.

How does vitalsBI compare to other business intelligence tools?

First, total cost of ownership is far less. Not only are the implementation and subscription fees more affordable than other platforms, you will not need to purchase additional software or hire data specialists or IT staff to operate vitalsBI. Second, unlike other business intelligence software that focuses only on one or two functions, vitalsBI provides a 360° view of your entire business: Data from your accounting system, statistics from your EMR, budget spreadsheet information, MDS files, CRM insights, time tracking and skillset data, even Google Analytics, can be viewed and analyzed. Third, vitalsBI was built by technologists and a consortium of healthcare leaders to be sure it meets the unique business, regulatory and patient care needs of the healthcare industry.

Do we have to change our current tools?

No. vitalsBI sits on top of your clinical, financial and operational systems so you don’t have to do anything different. vitalsBI simply connects to your systems and fetches all your data residing there so you can analyze and visualize various measurements from across your organization.

Is vitalsBI easy to use?

Yes. We understand the dynamic and  fast-paced healthcare environment – vitalsBI was designed by healthcare professionals – so we made certain it is quick to implement and simple to use. Training on vitalsBI requires only a few hours and the familiar drag-and-drop capabilities means even casual users rapidly come up to speed. Plus, mobile-ready and voice-activated features give you access to your data anywhere you are.

Is vitalsBI secure?

Absolutely. vitalsBI is HIPAA compliant, supports data encryption at rest, offers role-level security management, even the ability to assign view access all the way down to a specific data element. Built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, it is safeguarded behind two firewalls and storage is encrypted for extra protection of your data.

Who should use vitalsBI?

vitalsBI was designed by a group of healthcare executives, managers and staff with clinical, financial and operations backgrounds to be sure that any healthcare decision maker would find it valuable. In short, if you are charged with providing measurements or making decisions based on measurements, vitalsBI is the easiest and best way to do it.

Which problems can vitalsBI help me overcome?

There are endless ways to leverage the insight from vitalsBI. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Staff/labor shortages, inefficiencies, waste, training needs, churn trends, staffing impacts to the Five Star Quality Rating System
  • Limited or disparate longitudinal patient care insight such as unnecessary re-admissions
  • Expense management failures, untapped volume pricing and discount opportunities, cash flow improvement options
  • Being prepared for “big data” and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Compliance certainty

Can vitalsBI grow with our business?

Yes. The vitalsBI platform was built to scale with a memory-optimized columnar database that can comfortably handle terabytes of data, many users and concurrent queries. Performance never suffers, even when working with big data, disparate data sources and lots of users.

What kind of support do you offer for vitalsBI?

In addition to online user guides, a community forum and easy-search knowledge base, vitalsBI is supported 24x7x365. Our support practices and policies are based on the ITIL™ service management framework. And, investments in our platform are ongoing to ensure we deliver the best BI option to you. Minor updates are done monthly; more substantial enhancements released quarterly.

What does vitalsBI cost?

Customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that vitalsBI is a fraction of the cost of other BI tools. Pre-built dashboard and report templates accelerate your implementation, saving you consulting dollars, and our monthly subscription cost makes carrying costs a breeze. We are so confident you will be pleased with vitalsBI, we offer a 30 day guarantee: if for any reason you don’t wish to keep it, we will refund you the subscription cost.

Is there an overview of your product that I can review?

Yes! Click here to view and download the vitalsBI Solution Brief, or watch the vitalsBI video demo.

I want to optimize our medical and business performance. What’s next?

We can help. Contact us today.


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